At the start of the summer a new webshop was launched into cyberspace and let me tell you: it was love at first click for this girl! Pretty design, lovely goodies, and one kick-ass lady behind it all: what’s not to LOVE? Welcome in my favorites Wander & Co! ;) #PassionatePeeps lover that I am, this called for coffee and a chat with this passionate lady to hear all about the story behind her beautiful project…

The Girl

Have you met Liesbeth? :) You might know this 24 years old fashionista from the blog Candy & Treats, a personal playground where she combines her love for fashion and language.  Liesbeth in 3 words?  “Spontaneous, in love (with life) and curious (in every sense of the word).” But there is much more to this girl! An entrepreneurial spirit, a love for all things pretty and a drive to follow her dreams and make it happen.  Which she did.


The Story

Graduated as a freelance conference interpreter, Liesbeth launched herself into this field of work with her characteristic enthusiasm. But after a while she got the nagging feeling that she wanted more. “I needed to make a change. I wanted to do something I could be passionate about, that makes me happy and fills my life with positive energy.” About a year ago now, she decided to take the leap and follow her heart. “I’ve always dreamed of having my own little boutique, with beautiful objects that inspire me. A physical shop is a BIG step though, that’s why I decided to start online.” After months of planning and puzzling to get it exactly right (I’m sensing this girl is a bit of a perfectionist ;) ) Wander & Co was born: a web shop on which Liesbeth gives a platform to those brands she feels deserve it.

Wander&Co logo

The idea was to offer a shopping experience that feels like a trip around the world, with little treasures from different countries.” This quest for pretty “souvenirs” started with Vira Retro, a paper ware and accessories brand with designs inspired by the typical Portuguese tiles. Bit by bit Liesbeth assembled an array of brands, diverse both in terms of geography and style. “It took me a while to find the right brands. I was looking for brands with an inspiring story. People and projects I wanted to support, and which I could sell at a reasonable price. I love the fact that I get to collaborate with some smaller brands with unique products you won’t find on every other web shop.”

The Shop

The mind likes to travel… and so does the online shopper! Wander & Co aims to take you on a journey with a unique selection of brands from all over Europe (the rest of the world is calling though ;) ). Think stylized design, inspiring quotes and happy girly things. I have to say: I LOVE the selection. So obviously, I indulged in a little wandering myself :), the result of which you can see below. Extra happy shopping points for the personal approach and pretty packaging, “Good Vibes” indeed!

To note: Two of my favorite peeps in the blogosphere have their very own corner on this pretty shop, go check out their selection of goodies or get yourself one of their beautiful books!

Happy travels :)



RabbitsFantasyWorld jewelry

Flamingo Candles Tropical Coconut Milk & Honey candle

Vira Retro writing set

Portrait pic by Kelly Steenlandt – Product pic by me.


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