A few weeks ago the lovely Déborah took me on a vintage shopping spree in Brussels and I have to say: she unveiled a side of our capital that was previously unknown to this Brussels newbie (hello cute little streets and pretty pretty boutiques!) During this day of fashion fun, she introduced me to a few of her favorite vintage hotspots that are definitely worth a visit on your next trip to BXL:

Rue des Riches Claires 4 – Foxhole Facebook
Worth the visit because of its fun atmosphere and diverse collection. The shop is small and cosy with a happy hip interior. Fun detail: the fitting rooms are wallpapered with vintage romance comics the shop owner picked up at a flea market. Nothing  like some light reading to add a dash of fun to the fitting process!
The place to go if you’re looking for funky yet very wearable pieces at good prices, a pretty pair of boots or a vintage Casio watch (for only €15!)



Rue des Chartreux 27 – Gabrielevintage.com
Worth the visit because this is the REAL DEAL! Established in 1998 by the German costume designer Gabriele Wolf, this store is definitely thé household name for vintage in Brussels. A visit to Gabriele is… an experience. Its extensive collection isn’t only arranged by type and color but also by ‘era’, which makes your shopping experience instructive as well as entertaining :)
The place to go if you’re looking for true treasures! Granted, prices aren’t the lowest but you can find real quality pieces in this vintage Valhalla. Definitely stop by if you are into hats, they have a beautiful selection.


Valy & ramon

Rue des Teinturiers 19
Worth the visit because of its beautiful venue, artsy arrangements and the personal touch by Valy and her Spanish love Ramon.
The place to go if you’re looking for designer pieces at second hand prices (for example: a Yohji Yamamoto jacket for €200). We spotted some really nice dresses and a few fab pieces of jewelry. Oh and NBA jerseys, for some mysterious yet refreshing reason :)

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