I said it before and I’ll say it again: the thing I love most about my field of work is that it’s a people business. Getting to meet and work with some pretty awesome peeps is its greatest perk. Someone who’s definitely at the top of that list is this pretty lady. Partner in crime, socially savvy sidekick and fellow fashionista, do I hear someone yell DREAM TEAM? Beside a passion for PR, an addiction to Arizona drinks, a secret (or not so secret ;) ) partiality for everything Hello Kitty and a weak spot for most things girly (kindred spirits!), this girl has got some serious fashion sense!

Owner of an impressive collection of shoes and an even more impressive stash of bags (causing frequent ooohs and aaaaahs in the office) Déborah has an eclectic yet always on-trend style. You’ll spot her in candy colored kicks and an oversized sweater one day and sporting a pair of awe-inspiring high heels the next. If I had to put a label on her signature style I’d go with funky glam with a little edge and a dash of girly. But I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it justice :) Also: I think she might just be the source/inspiration of my sneaker addiction (thanks for that, darling ;) ) 

Oh and did I mention she’s my go-to girl for tips about anything Brussels-related (from food through fashion to where to park haha ) A few weeks ago she let me tag along on a little tour of vintage hotspots in our capital. A real revelation for this Brussels newbie! I’ll be sharing her tips soon, so stay tuned!

Déborah 20

Déborah 35

Déborah 21

Déborah 08

Déborah 30
Déborah 39

Déborah 04

Bag: vintage Bag –   Jennifer pants – Steps Jacket – H&M shoes, ring & T-shirt – Brandy Melville necklace

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