Nothing like a little day trip back in time to forget about your very modern (very first world) worries. A hint of the Glorious Thirties, a spoonful of Swinging Sixties, a splash of the Sexy Disco Seventies and a dash of Pop Eighties: the Retrorama Vintage Festival mixed them all into one happy retro cocktail! I got invited to tag along by a friend and have to admit that apart from “A day of fun with the girls: YES please”, I hadn’t really given it much thought beforehand. (Crazy busy days at work with a BEAUTIful event coming up! :) ) Downside: we didn’t register for any of the fun looking retro DIY workshops. Upside: the experience wasn’t tainted by high expectations (since these kind of fairs have the tendency to oversell, if you ask my humble opinion).

An afternoon of admiring and perusing vintage treasures, ranging from clothes and jewelry through furniture and records to an impressive collection of retro wheels, was exactly what the doctor ordered after a hectic week! My personal highlights: the selection of authentic vintage glasses at “Dingue de Lunettes” (almost caved for a New Girl-style pair but resfrained out of loyalty to my favo optician…), the lovely tea room furnished with thrift shop treasures and the pretty pretty trinkets on the little designer market (with a special mention for the fine handmade jewelry of LoboGato: <3).


But the vintage cherry on top of this merry girl’s day was definitely the Beauty Case, were we treated ourselves to retro hair and make-up, for the verrry reasonable price of only €10! Best investment of the month :) I normally don’t really like myself that heavily made-up, but this was just so much fun! Invigorated by our retro glam looks we decided we just couldn’t keep them to ourselves and finished off the day with a night on the town. But some scenes shouldn’t be described ;)



Retrorama Beauty

5 thoughts on “Retrorama

    1. charlotte Post author

      Hihi thanks sweetie! Wat een laagje make-up al niet kan doen ;) Ja ben ook helemaal verknocht aan de salopette!! Een deftige outfit post ermee soon :)


    1. charlotte Post author

      Het was even spannend omdat we helemaal niet mochten kiezen (en ik had zo uitgekeken naar retro waves :p) maar die kapper was echt de max en wist wat hij deed :) xxx


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