I’ve never considered myself a celeb crazed person. Sure, I enjoy the occasional piece of juicy gossip and had the walls of my bedroom plastered with as much pretty boy’s faces as the average teenage girl. But don’t ask me about the latest Miss Belgium/Cara’s newest BFF/Miley’s most recent act of outrageousness, because I’ll probably come up short. These last few days though, I have to admit to a tiny degree of obsession with the Solange – Jay Z thing. I don’t exactly know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a sister of my own and tend to over-romanticize other people’s sister relationships. Maybe it’s because I was intrigued by the way this story broke, spread and started to live a life its own on some of my favo online platforms. Or maybe it’s simply because I personally consider Bey the only true Queen B (Sorry Blair) and anything to do with her naturally incites a degree of fascination. Whatever it is, feel free to inquire on the latest development in this saga, chances are I’ll be able to enlighten you.

Anyways. Even though I’m normally not overly fascinated by celeb’s love interests/ quarrels/ career moves, there is one thing that will trigger my attention: their fashion escapades. Obviously, there are a few celebrity fashionistas that deliver a higher click-through rate in my news feed than others. Miss Alba is definitely one of them. And no matter how stunning her red carpet looks are (and they ARE), it’s her street style that inspire this fashion crush. This Lady has got casual chic down to an art!

I’ve selected a few of her street style looks I particularly admire for a little “get the look” exercise. I believe the simple black and white one might be my favorite… But of course there is something to say for the pink skirt as well… (did I hear someone say Parisian chic?)

Which look do you like the most?

pink skirt

mirrored sunnies

Electric blue

Look 1: Zara top – Mint & Berry skirt – H&M Sunnies – River Island sandals – Michael Kors Bag

Look 2: Komono Sunnies – H&M T-shirt & necklace – Top Shop jeans –  Mango blazer & bag –  Strong Desert Vintage belt –  Marc by Marc jacobs flats

Look 3: Vila top – Whyred jeans  – Diesel cardigan – Michael Kors Bag – Asos necklace – Taupage boots – Miss Selfridge Fedora

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