Fashion is personality. Over the years, as you grow up and your personality evolves, it is natural for your style to evolve along with you. A recent post by the beautiful Polienne made me think about this. And thinking about it made me realize that for me, it all comes down to shoes. Throughout the years, no matter what fashion phase I was in, my shoe preference symbolized it. There was the tom boy “skater girl” phase (oh yes), to be recognized by a pair Vans (no matter how much my mum hated them, I just wouldn’t take them off…). Followed by the discovery of my feminine side, symbolized by those first pairs of kitten heels. As I grew more confident in my femininity and style, so did the height of those heels. Meanwhile, I fell in love with the skinny jeans – ballerina combo during my student days, the perfect team to run to and from classes. My first steps in the professional world on the other hand, were taken with a modest collection of oxfords. Which I traded in for a pair of high heeled ankle booties somewhere down the line (growing into my “professional persona”, I guess :) ).

Today, my daily outfits (and online shopping habits!) betray a growing weak spot for sneakers. Even though the trendy looks of today’s kicks are miles away from the boyish ones from my skater girl days, you could say we’ve come full circle :)  Sure, I’ll still put on a nice pair of heels for meetings, or when I just need that extra touch of femininity, but in my daily routine, I seem to have developed a preference for casual footwear above all…

Here are a few pretty specimens that currently make my heart beat a little faster, just to kick-start the week in style! And how about you? How important is footwear in your personal style?


Candy colored


bold & brave

Photo credits: ZalandoAsos& Other Stories (don’t hesitate to ask me about a specific pair, in case they strike your fancy  ;) )

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