There’s no place like home. You said it, Dorothy. Must be the reason why it’s so much fun decorating the place you call your home, making it totally yours. We’ve been living in our house for almost 2 years now, and little by little it has grown into our own little place in the world. Decorating it is like a never-ending project to me. In a good way. I like to change things every now and then (to the despair of my significant other), and love how adding certain pieces has made the puzzle as a whole become more and more ours.

When first moving out of the house, time and budget restraints made us turn to Ikea (like a lot of youngsters I suppose). Not that that’s a bad thing per se, they have some great stuff at great prices. But I was left with the nagging feeling our little nest lacked personality (Ikea catalogue phobia, I’m pretty sure it’s a thing). Over time though, some DIY, a tad of vintage, a few strategically (or less strategically…) chosen pieces and a growing collection of pretty trinkets started to do the trick. Not that the journey is over though, oh no (sorry babe). I feel like, if you really want those perfect vintage pieces, you need either a considerable budget (so someone else can do the searching for you…) or a good deal of patience. So time and flea markets it is :). They say it’s about the journey, and not the destination, right?

Deco snapshots


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