Excellent customer service. In this digital age, where customers are not afraid to express their wishes and have the means to do so, this has become increasingly important. As a digital comms person myself, I experience this importance on a daily basis. As a whole though, I have the feeling people are quicker to share their dissatisfaction with a product or service than to share the tale of a piece of great customer service. So I thought I’d share exactly such a tale. Because I know the happy feeling that comes with getting some nice feedback from consumers/customers.  And because it’s just fun to spread the love :)

So a few weeks ago I ordered this pretty pink watch on loavies.com (together with a beautiful pair of boots, but that is beside the point I guess). Sadly, it arrived with a broken clasp. Not to worry, as a seasoned online shopper I immediately contacted Loavies customer service, asking if it would be possible to get it replaced. Not only did I get a really quick and personalized message back, the lovely Anna genuinely apologized for not being able to replace my watch (since it was out of stock) and offered me both a refund AND a €10 voucher. Now wasn’t that nice of her?

Since I really loved the watch and Anna ensured me I did not have to send it back, I set to work with some super glue trying to fix it. And I think I did a pretty decent job, if I may say so myself. So now I have both a pretty new watch AND money back on my account. Honestly, I would feel guilty to also use the voucher (plus I am kind of doing a no shopping lent thing, but that’s a tale for another time…) So I figured: let’s share! A little love for Loavies and a little shopping for you! Leave a comment below if you want to take a shot at the €10 voucher! An innocent hand will pick a random winner next Friday :)

Good luck and have a lovely weekend, darlings!


Loavies <3

8 thoughts on “Love for Loavies Giveaway

  1. Joke

    Wauw, ik kende dit niet maar héél leuke spullen, vooral de horloges… Komt goed uit net nu mijn vorige het begeven heeft :)


  2. willeke

    Echt een super leuke website! Ik heb er een hermes lookalike tas weg en ben er in love mee! Maar wat een goede service! En fijn dat je je horloge zelf hebt kunnen maken! Dames kunnen wel wat! Veel plezier ermee! Liefs!


  3. Lore

    So great if to hear from a company that respects and appreciates there good clients: which you have to be :)! Lovely watch as well: just what I need ;)! X


  4. An-Katrien

    Super om zo’n positief verhaal te lezen. Loavies.com heeft hun bon aan de juiste persoon gegeven, mr jij bent natuurlijk weer te lief en maakt er, naast je positieve reclame, een tombola van voor je trouwe lezers. Het is altijd leuk om je blogposts te lezen en vooral ook om de foto’s erbij te zien. Als een echte leerkracht zeg ik je hierbij nog: keep up the good work


  5. Kate

    Love to discover new fashion sites/blogs with great stuff, good prices and an excellent service :)!! And this is always the case when reading your blog :)!
    Can’t wait ‘until the next post!


  6. Soraya

    Wauw, wat een goede service! Wil al een tijdje een handtas bestellen op Loavies, maar is er nog steeds niet van gekomen. Alvast leuk om te horen dat ze een goede service bieden! Fijne blog ook trouwens! :) Groetjes


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