It can be the tiniest of details that determines total effect, don’t you agree? Likewise, a dash of color can add a cheerful touch to the most basic of outfits. It’s one of my favorite formulas for those days on which I just cannot decide what to wear: I pick a basic black combo and add a colorful accent to reduce the plain/somber factor. And yes, this can be as simple as just putting on some bright red lipstick. Easy peasy. Like that Saturday morning we headed to Genk to go meet my favorite hair dresser in the world. My mind was in full-on weekend modus and I couldn’t think of anything else than wanting to be nice and warm. Plus I just got this cozy coat on a sales shopping spree in Lille (oh, little French boutiques, how I’ve missed you…), so that one was a given. I just added a simple white shirt and black skinnies, grabbed some colorful knitwear and off we went!

We took advantage of being in Genk to go get a little taste of culture in C-mine, a “hub of creativity” built on the foundations of the old mine of Winterslag. As you might have noticed in some of my previous posts, I’m quite fond of more rugged, industrial looking backdrops (creates a nice contrast with my – not so occasional – girliness) and this one must be an all-time favorite so far. I don’t know, there’s just a certain beauty in the structure of these former mine shafts and the scene as a whole. Plus: don’t those little red chairs match the red touches in my outfit perfectly? (Oh yes, my tiny neurotic comes out to play…)  As I said: it’s all in the details…


C-Mine 11

C-Mine 15

C-Mine 10

C-Mine 16Pieces scarf & beanie, Suncoo coat, Supertrash shirt, Express pants, Converse sneakers, vintage bag

C-Mine 51


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