A little girl with a big heart. That pretty much sums up Katrien. She’s one of those people who you cannot help but instantly like. The first time I met her (and she probably doesn’t even remember this :) ), I was waiting outside a class room at the university, in the middle of a nerdy stress attack (oh yes, I was/am THAT girl). With her natural charm and endless empathy, she immediately cheered my up and calmed me down. We’ve been friends ever since.

This quirky little lady has a few big passions in life. As a daughter of 2 biologists, nature is in her blood. So I guess her love for the animal kingdom came natural. Every one of its members have a place in that big heart of hers, even though flamingos and giraffes tend to take up just a tad more space than the others. :) Driven by this passion, Katrien even spent some time living her dream and working as a ranger in a South African National park. Can you imagine that she has seen each of the Big Five in the flesh? How cool is it to have that one checked off your Bucket list?!

Although she’ll face the rugged outdoors out of love for its wildlife, Katrien is as girly a girl as you ever did see. You can probably imagine us bonding over that :) Did I mention she owns about 80 shades of nail polish? Several of which she recently treated to a trip across Asia and Australia. Because you know, who would even imagine going backpacking without? Beside this soft spots for pretty nails, Katrien has a sizeable passion for fashion. When she finally found her way back to our little country, after months of traveling around the world, she followed this calling to high street fashion icon H&M. This smart fashionista is going places! I admire Katrien’s seemingly effortless style, sweet and girly but always with a little edge. She doesn’t shy away from bold combos and always manages to add that tiny touch that screams ‘Katrien’. So when she came to visit me in Paris in this happily snuggly outfit, I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots, thinking you might like it as much as I do! <3


IMG_9447 copy

IMG_9431 copy

IMG_9436 copy CROPPED

 Zara beanie & coat – H&M scarf & pants – Forever 21 jumper – Limited Edion Converse All Star sneakers

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