Oh my! 2014 certainly got off to a flying start! After a holiday spent cocooning and enjoying the holiday spirit with my loved ones, reality kicked back in with a bunch of new challenges and exciting projects! With all of this going on, I haven’t even found the time to blog and wish you guys an AMAZING 2014! I hope it will bring you joy and laughter!

Before I can really say goodbye to 2013, which will forever be marked in my personal history books as “l’Année Parisienne”, I believe my stay in the City of Light deserves a proper wrap-up. When people ask me “how was Paris” I always have trouble figuring out where to start. There are just so many little things that made this amazing experience what it was. But there are a few things which have added just that little (or a lot!) extra sparkle to this beautiful time…

Pretty peeps <3

It was so great having so many of my lovelies over for a visit, getting to share my favorite spots in the city with them and discovering new ones together. I had so much fun spending touristy days together (tailored to what I thought each of them would like to see!) And how amazing where those slumber parties, crammed onto the floor of my teeny tiny studio?! Good times :) Thanks everyone for making the effort of coming over and hanging out! <3! And of course there’s that other group of peeps who have made my Parisian days: my sweet Porter Novelli Paris colleagues! There are so many prejudices about Parisian people and you know what: these girls (and one guy ;) ) have proven them all wrong! Thanks guys, I’ve had a blast!

Me, myself and I

It takes some time to get to know someone. And a whole lifetime to get to know yourself. Being somewhat of a social junky, I love being around other people. But I have to say, I also really enjoyed spending some quality time with nobody but little old me. Solitary walks along the Seine, daydreaming on a pretty park bench, wandering through museums and scribbling draft blogposts in a cosy café, (while enjoying a yummy café crème, obviously!). It gives you space to reflect on your hopes and dreams, who you are and what you want to become. And also to just… be. (If that makes sense).

Life behind the lens

You could say that wandering the streets armed with my camera was my number 1 passtime during my months in this beautiful city. And yes, it even trumps shopping :) There’s just something magical about experiencing not only the city’s highlights but especially it’s ‘normal’ streets from behind a lens. You notice that more details and will appreciate those beautiful surroundings on a whole different level. And the houses. Oh, those houses. I must have taken hundreds and hundreds of pics of classic Parisian houses. Thank God I was able to refrain myself from bombarding you with all of them :)


Finally, having this blog really added an extra dimension to my Paris experience. It made me look at the city in a different way, always searching for nice things to share. Not to mention: it pushed me to head out on lazy Sundays, to discover a new part of the city, instead of just spending the day in my pajamas, watching girly series. And in a few years, all I’ll have to do is revisit my Parisian posts, for an instant journey down memory lane. How great is that? Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures of Parisian scenes as much as I’ve loved painting them for you! <3!

Paris collage

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