I’ll never claim to be a real fall lover. I’d take soft & sunny over rainy & grey any day. But every once in a while, even I have to admit to its beauty. Those early fall days when the sun hasn’t left us just yet and the beautiful autumn foliage start showing off their marvelous color palette. Since the last few days represented just about everything I don’t like about fall (although I did like the excuse to cuddle up on the couch with a blanket, hot coco and my love), I wanted to share these  as a reminder of a fine autumn day :) And of course, as a reminder of one of fall’s other major assets: the return of knitwear! There’s just something about snuggling into a knitted jumper or a beautiful big woolen scarf: instant cosiness :) This particular knitted beauty got passed along to me by one of my Fashion Fairy Godmothers and I just love it. It can work both for a lazy day on the couch or a slightly more preppy office look, depending on how you combine it (think of sweats for the first, a crispy white Peter Pan collared shirt and heels for the latter). And since we’re talking knit wear: I’m on the lookout for a pretty wooly hat-scarf combo that fits within my current burgundy mood. Should you have any tips: let me know ;)



Autumn collage


Supertrash Top – Liu Jo sweater – Levi’s jeans – Primark loafers

6 thoughts on “Hello Fall

    1. charlotte Post author

      Thanks babe! Every once in a while we make an extra effort :) And yes those shoes, I LOVE them! I got them as a birthday gift from one of my most fashionable colleagues ;) <3!!


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