I suspect we all have a tiny neurotic inside of us. It has the tendency to surface at the weirdest moments and in the weirdest ways (to a degree that differs for each of us ;) ). My personal one has a thing for colors. I don’t know why (hence the tiny neurotic theory), but I can just get a little jolt of happiness about a silly thing like matching colors. Moreover, I tend to actually need having some matching going on in my outfits. You’ll hardly ever see me in crazy color combos (although I sometimes regret this and wish I could be a little bolder…). My tiny neurotic just wouldn’t go for it.

So you can imagine how both me and my little neurotic were really pleased when I grabbed this pink striped tote bag (bought at Kim. a few weeks ago) for a day at the seaside and noticed how well it matched the pink details of this casual beach outfit. It’s all in the deets, right? :) By the way: this Essentiel sweater was one of my final summer sale purchases and I totally love the roughly dotted fabric. I find myself wearing it all the time these days, just to get the most out of it before autumn really kicks in…




Essentiel jumper – Zara shorts – House Doctor tote bag– Essentiel + New Look bracelets

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