It’s ok to be a little picky every now and then. Sometimes, you’re looking for something that’s exactly right and will be satisfied with nothing less. Even though some people might not understand how one can spend hours researching the bést electrical shaver out there (I’m not kidding, I’ve seen it happen in my own home :) ) or that perfect pair of black pumps (“they all look the same to me” euhm…come again?), it’s your prerogative to do so.

I personally had a major case of pickiness while searching for a maxi skirt. I’ve been wanting one for quite some time now, but never really found one that felt (or looked..) right. During my quest for that perfect fit, I did pick up a few rules of thumb on what did and didn’t work for my figure:

1. An A-line model is a must.

2. High waist = hello long legs!

3. A fully pleated version makes the skirt look heavier, my legs shorter and my ass bigger :)

4. A slightly see-through fabric (with a mini skirt underneath – let’s keep it clean) has a soft and slimming finish.

But even though it’s ok to be picky, you shouldn’t take it too far. When the boxes are ticked, just go for it. So when I spotted this darling on sale on Zalando, I didn’t hesitate. Beside the fact that it abided by all of my rules, it was the color that really did it. I love yellow (this post attests to that) but it doesn’t really go with my skin tone (unless you would be going for a nausea look…), so I can only wear it in bottoms.  (Another box ticked!) But the very very best thing about this skirt is the way it feels when you wear it. It’s nice and loose (perfect for a hot day!) and there’s nothing like a long skirt to get that authentic princessy feeling… One of my (male) colleagues even commented on this very outfit, saying that I looked like Snow White! (You might be wondering whether that is indeed a good thing but let me assure you that it made my day :) )




IMG_7476Ray-Ban Sunnies – Only T-shirt – Be-Angeled necklace – Sisley skirt – Guess sandals

Do you have any items in your closet that were the result of a picky quest?

2 thoughts on “Maxi Skirt

  1. Katrien

    Love the comment about Snow White, truly something every girl wants to hear!
    Great colour by the way, so pretty in yellow…. ;).


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