Oh those lovely summer days! I know it’s been insanely hot (by Belgian standards…) these last couple of weeks, but as a rule I refuse to really complain about sunny weather. We only have so little sunshiny days (a.k.a. opportunities to wear our most summery of summer wear) in this rainy little country, so we should see each one of them as a gift! (Cheesy alert..) Plus, doesn’t every weekend feel like a mini holiday with this weather? Pick-nicks in the park, walks on our beautiful Belgian beaches, cocktails by the river side… <3 it!

To stay within the holiday spirit, I thought I’d share some outfit shots taken on our final night in Languedoc-Roussillon, at the little Canet-en-Roussillon port. You might detect a hint of nostalgia (holidays ending always make me a little sad…) but isn’t that pre-evening light beautiful?

This top-skirt combo is one of my current summer favorites. I got the skirt at the Clean Closet event, having fallen in love with the Delft like print (and always a fan of the “skater skirt” fit). When introducing it to my wardrobe (you know, that post-shopping moment when you try on what you just bought to see what it works with – please tell me that’s not just me :) ) I was very happy with how it matched this top (which I’ve had for ages). Topped off with some navy espadrilles (bought at a tourist store like a true vacationer cliché), a perfect fit for this nautical backdrop :)

IMG_7059 cropped




Portobello Road flea market sunnies (gift from my big brother!) – Zara top – second hand skirt – New look Satchel – Espadrilles bought at Canet-Sur-Plage

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