Did I mention before how much I love travelling to France? Admittedly, it’s far from an exotic destination for us Belgies, but having this broad variety of holiday scenes and delights just a road trip away is part of its charm, if you ask me. (Someone once told me that the tendency to drive over 10 hours to a holiday destination, rather than just hopping on a plain is SO Belgian. Wondering if that is in fact the case…). We just got back from a wonderful stay in the Languedoc-Roussillon area, happy, rested and (only slightly…) tanned. That’s what eight days of sun, good food, yummy wine, beautiful scenery and visiting cute little towns will do for you :) (Not trying to make anyone jealous, just stating facts :p )

One cute little town we particularly enjoyed was Pézenas. Once the hometown of Molière it still has a heart for the arts today. Roaming through its tiny streets, you’ll discover an array of exhibition spaces and little boutiques, where local artists and craftspeople present their creations. You can imagine how I felt like a kid in a candy store strolling through this prettiness. However, I’ve been a good little girl, and only caved for this flowery ring. For one thing, the girl that created it was delightful (yes, I’m a sucker for likeable people) and I just loved her pretty store. In addition: I could immediately picture this ring as a perfect accessory for one of my minty moods :)

IMG_6739 dubbel

IMG_6784 dubbel

IMG_6791 copy

IMG_6805 copy

Selecting summer holiday outfits can be challenging, don’t you think? On the one hand, you’re dying to show off your most sunniest of dresses (we so rarely get to…), but on the other hand, when tramping up and down the sunlit alleys of a southern town, all you really want is to feel fresh and comfortable. My advice? Go for loose fits and/or breathable fabrics. This summer, I find myself particularly drawn to the loose printed trousers I got during our trip to Paris. While these are definitely my fashion crush in this category, sometimes a girl’s gotta be sensible and go for a more budget friendly option. So when I discovered a little vintage shop in the Montmartre area with a rack full of pretty printed pants, I was over the moon. Three pairs for €5 apiece, not bad, right? :)

IMG_6729 copy

IMG_6748 copy

Paul Frank sunglasses – H&M T-shirt and belt – New Look purse – Vintage trousers – Havaianas slippers

In terms of print & colors, the one I wore for our excursion to Pézenas is probably my favorite of the three. I love the girly vintage flowers (do I hear someone say Laura Ashley? :) ) and how the pastel petals makes it easily combinable with different colors of tops and accessories. Similar to the other two, these babies have a really loose fit. Perfect for my holiday & leisure time needs but not ideal for let’s say a day at the office. Therefore, I’m considering sacrificing one pair to an alteration experiment, to make them just a tad slimmer. Combined with a pair of heels and a nice blazer, they could make a killer office look. I’m really a sewing machine novice though, so will let you know how that plays out :)

Anyway, so far the brief report on what I’ve been up to these last days. More to come soon! :)

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