There are some cities in the world that conjure up very specific and instantaneous associations. Who pictures Paris without the Eiffel Tower or Sidney without its Opera House? Likewise, when mentioning Orlando, Florida to any girl with a lingering princess complex, you will most likely spot a little fairy dust in her eyes… So you can imagine how excited I was, when given the opportunity to travel to the Orange County. Not only did I get to meet and swap… Read more »

Did I mention before how much I love travelling to France? Admittedly, it’s far from an exotic destination for us Belgies, but having this broad variety of holiday scenes and delights just a road trip away is part of its charm, if you ask me. (Someone once told me that the tendency to drive over 10 hours to a holiday destination, rather than just hopping on a plain is SO Belgian. Wondering if that is in fact the case…). We… Read more »