I’ve packed my share of bags over the years. Boarding school, student life and the weekly move between parents have required me to master the art of efficient packing. It’s a skill I’m kinda proud of, to be honest :). I can take pleasure in going through the routine of mental checklists and swift selection.

But of course, nothing like filling your suitcase for a holiday! Especially a summer holiday :). Imagining yourself strolling beneath a sunny southern sky wearing your favorite flip-flops (which we cannot wear half as much as I would want in this country…), or sipping a cocktail in your new sundress, yay!

Obviously, it’s not all fun and games! Especially when certain airlines (let’s refrain from name calling…) force you to limit your on-the-move wardrobe… (What!! Only THREE pairs of shoes!! The horror… ) Some thought definitely needs to be put into it. And I found that, whether you’re packing for business or pleasure, it’s most effective to think of outfits groups. It limits the suitcase excess and makes outfit selection throughout the trip that much easier.

So on the eve of leaving for la douce France, I thought I’d share some of my current suitcase scenes :)

Do you have any fun holiday plans ahead of you?





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