Those final rays of light before the end of the day. Warmer colors, softer contrasts, a fairy like atmosphere. Perfect for dreamy pictures and even dreamier thoughts. It’s probably my favorite time of day. Especially in summer. Coming home and having a glass of wine on my terrace. Clearing my head after a day of brain exercise. (Yes, I like to tell myself I do at least one kind of exercise…)

But I’m drifting off. (Which is an obvious side-effect of the fact that I’m enjoying exactly that kind of moment while writing this post). Let’s get to the point. During our trip to Paris, we stayed at a friend’s place in the lovely village of Evecquemont. Only a stone’s throw away from the buzzing Parisian city life, it surprised us by its charming authenticity. So when we came back « home » after a day of roaming the city’s streets, exactly at this magical moment, the neighborhood offered a beautiful backdrop for a quick shoot. Just me, my comfy casual city trip outfit and a dreamy French evening. I hadn’t shared these pics with you yet, but if you’ve enjoyed a similar moment this evening, I believe they might just fit your mood…

Have a dreamy night!

IMG_4919 IMG_4902 copy

Vintage Ray-Ban glasses – WE jacket – Mango shirt – SuiteBlanco pants (bought during this trip!)  – Converse sneakers


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