Another week gone by. Some pretty busy days behind and ahead of me! We’re putting in the final prep work for a BEAUTYful event next week (for those of you who know what I’m talking about, this might look familiar :) ), which is always stressy but exciting. You know, that typical love-hate relationship one can have with an awesome yet time devouring job :). In the meantime I handed in the final assignment for my photography-for-noobs course. And in the spirit of *things that make me happy*, I just had to share this one with you.

The purpose of the assignment was of course to demonstrate some of the techniques we’ve learned over the last weeks, all the while shooting something that has a personal meaning to you as a photographer. (Or at least that’s what I made of it :) ). Since I love portrait photography (capturing an emotion, a person’s experience of a specific moment, … ) and am blessed with 4 lovely brothers (inside and out! – *cheesy-alert* :) ), I decided pretty quickly on a portrait series of this beautiful blonde bunch. The idea was to depict each of them in a more “traditional” portrait and one action shot, trying to capture a hint of each’s (very different) personality.

So here they are, my band of brothers <3









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