As you might have suspected while reading this little spot I call a blog: I’m somewhat of a fashion victim :). And as those among you suffering from the same condition can probably confirm: one of its most annoying symptoms is its need for space. Lots of it.

Obviously, if you’re not blessed with a Carrie-sized closet (which I can sadly confirm I am not), this can cause quite a problem. Through years of shopping and inheriting pretty pieces from my Fashion Fairy Godmothers, my wardrobe has grown into a considerable collection. Nothing outrageous (really! :) ) but too much for my modest closet to accommodate. And if I’m really honest, it contains too many pieces that haven’t seen an outfit in quite some time. Even though I force myself to have a declutter-round every year or so, some pieces just seem to survive it every time, on the account of being just too pretty to throw away (but too small/outdated/not really my style/… etc.).

So when my friend Alicia asked if I would join her on a flea market next Saturday to get rid of some of our pretty clutter, I just knew I had to put on my big girl pants and step up to the challenge! So Ladies, if you have some free time on your hands and want to rummage through our wardrobe, score some bargains or just come and say hi (please do!), feel free to drop by :).

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