Zara scarf – 2nd hand jumper (bought at Clean Closet!) – Topshop skirt ) – Zign shoes – Pilgrim necklace – H&M bracelet

Gotta love Belgian Spring. Pretty yellow narcissi, singing birds, … and lots of rain! The last few weeks, we’ve been seeing some exceptionally cold & grey days, even for our little country. So even though my wardrobe was screaming: “DRESSES, SKIRTS, PASTELS, PLEAEASE!” I had to cave and get some of my winter sweaters back from their summer retreat. Poor darlings, all they wanted was a nice long rest…

I don’t know about you but when the cold weather drags on (and on, and on…), my creativity kind of runs out and I start having a hard time assembling fun outfits (in which I won’t freeze my *ss off :) ). This Topshop skirt is one of my favorite back-up items (you know, the ones you automatically fall back on when you just cannot decide what to wear…). It is easy to combine and the “skater skirt model” is a flattering fit for those of us that are blessed with… you know… a derrière :)

I must confess though: the combination with this striped jumper was a lucky shot (on uninspired days, luck sometimes lends you a hand, thank goodness :) ).  I personally think they work pretty well together and form a snuggly autumn (yes, I said it) combo. Plus the little swans just make me happy every time I wear them, what can I say. :)

By the way: fully aware how much my face is showing that I hate this weather. Will have to work on my acting/posing skills. :)




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