Friday again! Can’t believe how this week has flown by… Lots of work and an awesome midweek interlude going to the Beyoncé concert with my lovely PN colleagues (She BLEW me away. There are just no words for it. Except maybe for this one:  MAJOR girl crush!).  With all this going on, I hadn’t even shared any of my Paris pics with you yet!  Our two day getaway to the city of light was simply delightful. :) It’s always hard to summarize the endless amount of impressions that make a trip an experience but I thought I’d try it by sharing its 5 highlights:

1: Revisiting the classics

Even though I’ve been to Paris several times before, I just cannot help getting a quick fix of some of the classics. How can you go to Paris and not have a quick glance at the Eiffel tower, walk on the Champs-Élysées toward the Arc de Triomphe or climb the Montmartre? It’s so cheesy but they are part of what makes this city what it is and I love to just take a moment and marvel at their beauty (all the while trying to block out the noise of the inescapable crowd of tourists around me, I must admit…)

Eiffel tower

2: Beautiful bricks

I adore the romantic style of the Parisian houses with their cute little balconies and high windows! Over these two days, we walked quite some distance through the city’s pretty streets and even though my feet got pretty tired, my eyes never did. I could just imagine myself waking up on the upper story of one of these apartment blocks and greeting the city good morning from my own little balcony :).



3: Sips au lait

Although overall I find the French cuisine quite heavy, there are some specific parts of it I enjoy very much :). Whenever in Paris I love having lunch/a drink/coffee at those typical Parisian cafés. They have that very particular shabby chic atmosphere you just cannot find anywhere else in the world. We had a lovely cheese & charcuteries lunch in the Monmartre area on the first day and obviously regular café au lait stops were part of our daily plan.


4: Uncovering new ground

I’m far from a seasoned traveler, but there is one tip I have found to be very effective for city trips: before taking off, do your homework!  By checking the web for the top vintage venues in a certain city, you have a big chance of ending up in the less touristy areas, preferred by local artists, students and “hipsters”.  My Parisian homework brought us in a lovely neighborhood in the 4th arrondissement I’d never been at before and it made me feel like we discovered “authentic” Paris for the very first time. Loved it!

vintage collage

5: A cultural garden stroll

Acting on a tip of a friend (and because a bit of culture is always a must when traveling :) ), we went for a morning stroll in the garden of the Rodin Museum.  The garden showcases a selection of his sculptures, among which the famous “Thinker” and the garden is a beautiful (be it somewhat smaller :) ) example of a formal French garden, in case you don’t have time to go outside the city to visit Versailles. Moreover, with its lovely spring blossoms, it was a perfect backdrop for a quick outfit shoot :)


IMG_5022 copy



Mint & Berry dress – H&M jeans jacket – Asos satchel – Nike sneakers


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