As some of you might know, I hold a special place in my heart for my hometown Ghent. The perfect mix of hipness & history, there’s no place in our rainy little country I’d rather live. Today I’m sharing a very specific part of this precious city that I thought you might appreciate: some of my favorite vintage hotspots! Who knows, you might get some inspiration for a shopping trip over the upcoming long weekend :)

Myriam Wulffaert Vintage

(St.-Jacobsnieuwstraat 85, Ghent)

This is definitely my personal favorite! Owned by stylist Myriam Wulffaert, this lovely boutique holds a fine selection of vintage pieces (mostly originating from the 80ties), with new pieces coming in on a weekly basis (an excuse for regular visits, hurray!). But the shopping experience is made by so much more than the collection. The interior breathes classic chic and having Myriam herself sitting on her little chair sewing away (adding personal elements to vintage pieces and actually creating original collections) just gives an extra special touch. I love how she’s a serene presence but ready with valuable advice upon request (I don’t know about you but I just hate someone latching on to me the moment I step into a store).






Think Twice

(Nederkouter 118, Ghent)

Think Twice is a pretty established chain of second hand shops, but I only recently discovered this particular one (while having breakfast across the road from it at the awesome WASBAR!). The two charming girls managing this branch did a really nice job creating a specific atmosphere through the interior (something between your favorite grandma’s attic and a hip flea market – if that makes any sense :) ), which definitely sets it apart from some of the other T2s I’ve been at.

On top of the nice setting and friendly faces you get exactly what you’d expect at a T2: if you invest a little time in rummaging through the racks you can find some real treasures at bargain prices. The collection changes every 5 weeks and did you know they donate surplus items to a good cause?







(Kortrijksepoortstraat 142, Ghent) 

I just had to include this one for nostalgic reasons! This is actually the shop where my first second hand purchase took place. (A pair of boots, which I still have! Even though they’re falling apart I just cannot seem to part with them…) Situated in the heart of the student area, Boomerang offers a mix of second hand, import and overstock items, although it is mostly known for its collection of second hand shoes. The interior has a fun 70ties vibe and the shop owner is just that right kind of odd :)






4 thoughts on “Vintage hotspots in my hometown

  1. petra

    Zo dichtbij en ik ben nog in geen enkele van deze shops langs geweest!! Binnenkort maak ik er zeker eens werk van, lijkt me superleuk!! Thanks for sharing!


    1. charlotte Post author

      Heel graag gedaan! Leuk om te horen dat mijn favorietjes toch niet alom bekend zijn en nog shoptips kunnen zijn… Laat zeker weten wat je ervan vond! <3


  2. Jolien

    Ik heb ze al allemaal gedaan en je hebt gelijk dat je ze hier in de spotlight zet. Alle drie echte schatkamers, al moet je wel soms je tijd nemen om te zoeken. Maar dat is een van de dingen die ik het liefste doe.


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