Finally! Spring came to visit! Bye bye endless snowy days, hello first rays of sun. I don’t know about you, but the weather totally affects my mood. Things just go easier when it’s nice out. Even sitting behind my desk and typing away. (Yes, that is basically what I do all day :) ). An open window and a sweet spring breeze bring instant inspiration. On Sunday I got such a boost by the first sun, that I spent the night cleaning out my wardrobe and making the winter-summer switch (with a nice glass of wine and after spending a whole afternoon on a sunny terrace, obviously…) Welcome back my sunny darlings! (Yes, I talk to my clothes. No judgment pretty please). And yesterday I spent a lovely birthday on a sunny city trip in my own home town (I love in-country citytrips! Sometimes you just have to take a moment to enjoy the beautiful things that are right there and so easily taken for granted). I took a tour of some of my favorite Ghent hotspots and did a few pretty vintage purchases! More on that later :)

So, yes. Spring is just the best. Don’t get me wrong, if I could get 365 days of summer, I would go for it (in that spirit: can’t wait to feel grass under by bare toes again…). But being deprived from the sun for months on end, makes people that much more grateful and happy when she finally comes along.

Being such a spring junkie, you can imagine how much fun I had when I got a little “spring prequel” a few months ago, spending a day with Princess Misia while she was working on the spring issue of her lovely Luscious magazine. If I wanted to be an extra on some of her pictures? (All the while getting to taste some of her fresh spring recipes..) HELL to the YES! So here are a few of the products of that fun afternoon (even a few “unpublished” pics!). And yes, everything was as yummy as it looks!









In case you were wondering: it was literally 0°C outside. Isn’t it amazing how Marta’s photography magically introduces spring? Although I do think that in the lemonade picture my face kind of gives away that I was freezing my ass off :) But anyway, I’m sure this little preview makes you curious what other yumminess can be found in this Luscious magazine. Just have a peek yourself:



I’m totally craving that Socca Pancake and the Greek yoghurt dessert! How about you?

Bon appétit! :)


6 thoughts on “Spring vibes & Luscious joys

    1. charlotte Post author

      Thanks <3!! Ik ben er zelf ook heel blij mee, vond het superleuk eens deel te mogen zijn van ons Princess haar fijne project! :)


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