Earlier this year I took a short trip to Lisbon with the lovely Princess Misia. More business than pleasure, but even a little pleasure can go a long way, now can’t it? So what to do when you’re in an unknown city and only have a few hours to spare? Conquer it by storm armed with the only weapons you need: a camera and an Elle magazine! The perfect recipe for snapshots and hotspots (which was basically all we had time for :) ).

Nothing like some vintage shopping to get that “local” feel. Through the Elle citytips we discovered A Vida Portuguesa ( ‘Portuguese life’) a little shop in the middle of the Chiado neighborhood. This vintage treasure house holds a carefully selected collection of Portuguese heritage. Snooping around the handcrafted and locally manufactured objects feels like a genuine dive into Portuguese culture! A great tip indeed, thanks Elle! ;)

As amazing as these vintage treasures where, what we were really craving (obviously :) ) was some vintage fashion. That is how we stumbled upon the vintage shop & bar A Outra Face da Lua (‘The other side of the moon’). If you’re ever in Lisbon, I really recommend a stop at this hotspot! (Let’s call it a Scene by C citytip, shall we? ;) ) It has a great selection of vintage and second hand clothing. Feeling overwhelmed by all this prettiness or simply want to rest your feet? (shopping can be SO exhausting :p ) Just have a seat and enjoy a nice coffee while you let your eyes wander through the racks. Extra tip: around the corner is a small A Outra Face da Lua outlet shop, with second hand items for only €5! I scored a really nice romantic white blouse (which I will definitely share with you at some point!)

As for the snapshots? You might know (or you do now) that I’m somewhat of a newbie photographer. And since I’d bought my new camera only a few days before taking off for Portugal, our stroll around the beautiful blue-skied streets of Lisbon was the perfect occasion to put it to the test.


IMG_0166 edit




IMG_0233 edit


IMG_0224 edits




Of course, this newbie still needs to develop her skills. And as my travel buddy happened to be the awesome Marta Majewska, I had a first class mentor at my side :) Blog photography one-on-one workshop = check! And that is how my first outfit shoot came to be :)


Zara dress & hat - Drôle de copine jacket - vintage scarf - Pull and Bear bagZara dress & hat – Drôle de copine jacket – vintage scarf – Pull and Bear bag


 Pics by Princess Misia

This little sip of Lisbon definitely made me thirsty for more, so this lovely city was immediately added to my must-visit (properly this time :) ) destinations list!

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