I must confess. I’m having an affair. Several of them actually. A closet full to be exact.

I have a passionate love affair with dresses.

A beautiful dress gives me an instant confidence boost and makes me feel like I can handle anything. Cause let’s face it, Ladies, we feel stronger when we feel pretty. And that’s what dresses do for me.

On top of that, they make picking out an outfit in the morning so much easier! :) No decision process about whether or not your shirt/sweater is a good match with your skirt/dress.  One piece, throw on some accessories and you’re good to go. Easy peasy, no matter the occasion.

Fully dressed with a dress

However, not just any dress will do the trick. As in the search for a perfect guy, you have to be picky! For starters, it’s all about fabric. Who feels sexy in itchy nylon? I don’t think so. We can’t always go for silk (and we might not even want to), but a nice and soft fabric makes the fashion experience that much sweeter.

Secondly, make sure you feel comfortable. Don’t try to squeeze your gorgeous body into that super tight pencil skirt. You’ll be uncomfortable and tense, and it will show. Go for a model that complements your body and have that delicious brownie you know you deserve.

Finally, there’s nothing like a little mystery. Yes, that mini dress shows of your fabulous legs. But will you really feel classy when you’re constantly wondering whether people can spot your underwear (even if they’re a pretty shade of bubblegum pink :) )? Just a hint of skin can have so much more impact.

But if you ask me, the most important thing is to always aim for love at first sight.  That fabulous dress you just have to have. An instant love affair.

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